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Clinical studies

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A double-blind placebo controlled study to evaluate the possible performance enhancing effects of the LifeWave™ technology on a group of 44 college athletes - MoreHouse College, in Atlanta, Georgia.

  • Tests conducted in February 2003
  • Tests conducted on (44) football athletes
  • Double blind placebo controlled study
  • LifeWave™ users had average gain of 34%!

The following third party independent study was performed by Joseph A. Goodson MS, ATC, Head athletic trainer of Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA. A summary of the test and results follows:

The LifeWave™ technology has been reported to be a new, scientifically formulated supplement in the form of a patch for the improvement of athletic performance, with claims of increases in strength and stamina within the first use of the supplement. To evaluate whether or not these claims were factual, a double-blind placebo controlled study was implemented at Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA, with 44 college athletes from the schools football team volunteering to participate in this study.

As an overview, LifeWave™ Products, LLC of Suwanee, GA, who is the holder of this intellectual property describes the LifeWave technology as follows:

The LifeWave™ technology is a new, Patent Pending and innovative approach to performance enhancement. LifeWave™ contains no magnets, no batteries, no copper or other metals, and is not a transdermal patch. LifeWave™ utilizes a novel arrangement and proprietary process-construction of FDA 21 CFR listed orthomolecular organic compounds in water based solutions that passively interact with the human thermo magnetic field so as to improve the transport of lipids to the mitochondria for ATP production to achieve the results claimed.

The test exercise for this study was a 225 lb. and 185 lb. bench press, with each athlete performing the exercise for one set, and each athlete performing as many repetitions as possible (to failure). In addition, to make the test more challenging for the LifeWave™ technology, the bench press test was performed immediately after the athletes had completed an intense 60 minute upper body workout that included Bench Press, Dumbell Flys and Shoulder Press, etc.

The baseline data was collected on Monday morning, February 24th. Based on prior experience, each athlete was asked to select a bench press weight of either 185 lbs. or 225 lbs. The purpose of this selection was so that each athlete could perform at least 1 repetition at the weight used.

The comparative data was collected on Thursday morning, February 27th. The study was set-up as a double-blind placebo controlled study. Prior to the testing day, a set of 60 envelopes were made up, numbered, and had randomly placed inside either a real set of LifeWave™ patches, a set of placebo patches that only contained water (identical in appearance to the LifeWave™ patches) or a paper that said "Control". LifeWave™ Products, LLC supplied the patches for the study, and did not provide the authors with the information of which patches were real or placebos until after the tests had been completed. A summary of the results obtained are as follows:

  • The control group experienced an average improvement in repetitions from Monday to Thursday of 2.3%
  • The placebo group experienced an average improvement in repetitions from Monday to Thursday of 4.9%
  • The LifeWave™ group experienced an average improvement in repetitions from Monday to Thursday of 34%

In conclusion, based on the data that was collected, it has been determined by the authors that the LifeWave™ technology is a new and valuable method for the improvement of human performance. Any athlete or individual who is interested in rapid gains in strength/endurance should consider evaluating the LifeWave™ technology patch product.

Other clinical and research studies:

  1. Effect of novel nanoscale energy patches on spectral and nonlinear dynamic features of heart rate variability signals in healthy individuals during rest and exercise by Dr. Homer Nazeran, Ph.D.

  2. LifeWave™ products pure energy patches 60-subject test, final report by Fenestra Research


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We are independent LifeWave™ representatives.

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